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About Beutner Laboratories


Pictured above: The current staff of Beutner Laboratories

Beutner Laboratories was founded by Ernst and Gloria Beutner in 1992. Development of defined, quantified Immnofluorescent (IF) methods now used for studies of autoimmune skin diseases started with studies of experimental autoimmune thyroiditis at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) under the leadership of Ernest Witebsky, M.D. and with guidance from Albert Coons, M.D. at Harvard University. 

From 1968 to 1992 Tadeusz Chorzelski, M.D. and his chief, Stefania Jablonska, M.D. of the Warsaw Medical School, Poland joined with Beutner's group at UB in studies that yielded over 125 publications on autoimmunity in skin disease, 5 edited books and 8 summer teaching programs in the 1970's primarily for dermatologists on uses of IF methods in studies of skin immunopathology. Also from 1965 to 1985 Beutner and his associates at UB led an international effort to introduce defined IF into diverse immunologic studies by quantifying fluorescein to protein ratios and labeled antibody protein content of fluorescein conjugated antibodies. This formed the foundation for the present day reproducible defined Immunofluorescence.

About Our Founder


Dr. Ernst H. Beutner (August 27, 1923 – June 10, 2013) was a resident of the Western New York community for over 5 decades. Dr. Beutner served as a faculty in the University at Buffalo department of Microbiology and Immunology for over 40 years. He taught microbiology to the students of medicine and dentistry, pioneered research in immunodermatology and his research group discovered the autoantibodies that cause pemphigus (over 95% fatality rate if untreated) and pemphigoid (10% to 40% fatality rate if untreated). He developed reproducible diagnostic methods for detecting the pathogenic autoantibodies that cause these diseases. Laboratory test based on these methods are being used worldwide to diagnose these chronic, debilitating diseases. He has been honored with may prestigious awards for these important contributions to dermatology.


Honors, Fellowships and Research - Teaching Abroad


1966, 1967

Escola Paulista de Medicina, Sao Pualo, Brazil

W.H.O. Visiting Professor, Immunology Research and Training Center

(Appointed Assistant Director in 1966)

Course on imminofluresence and immunohistology

Initiation of studies of Brazilian pemphigus



Rocha Lima Prize Committee

Recipient of Rocha Lima Diploma and Medal

For studies on the immunopathology of Brazilian pemphigus



Warsaw Academy of Dermatology

Honorary Member

Studies on immunopathology of pemphigus and bullous pemphigoid



Austrian Dermatological Society

Honorary Member



American Academy of Microbiology




Lambda Lambda Chapter of Omicron Kappa Upsilon

Honorary Member



American Board of Medical Laboratory Immunology




The College of Physicians of Philadelphia




European Academy of Dermatology

The Vincenzo Chiarugi Award

For studies on Immunopathology of the Skin



American Dermatologic Association

Honorary Member

For studies on Immunopathology of the Skin



University of Trondheim, Trondheim, Norway

Dr. Honoris Causa

Bullous disease studies



History of Dermatology Society

Samuel J. Zakon Prize

Tuberculosis of the skin



American Skin Association

Inflammatory Skin Disorders Research Award

Autoimmunity in pemphigus and pemphigoid


American Society of Dermatopathology

Founders' Award

Founding field of Immunodermatology



Austrian Dermatology Society

Gold Medal Award

Continuing studies of Immunodermatology

Tadeusz Chorzelski and Ernst Beutner.png

Pictured above: Dr. Tadeusz Chorzelski (left) and Dr. Ernst H. Beutner (right) 

Citation Classics


The following publications have been selected as "Citation Classics" because of the frequency with which they are cited in the literature.

Publications Designated as Citation Classic by: 

  • Beutner, E.H. & Jordon, R.E. (1964) Demonstration of Skin Antibodies in Sera of Pemphigus Vulgaris Patients by Indirect Immunofluorescent Staining. Proc Exptl Biol Med, 117, pp. 505-510Science Citation Index

  • Beutner, E.H., Lever, W.F., Witebsky, E. Jordon, RE. & Chertock, B., (1965) Autoantibodies in Pemphigus Vulgaris, Response to an Intercellular Substance of the Epidermis. JAMA, 192, pp. 682-688JAMA

  • Jordon, RE., Beutner, E.H. Witebsky E., Blumenthal B., Hale, W.L. & Lever, W.F. (1967) Basement Zone Antibodies in Bullous Pemphigoid. JAMA, 200, pp. 751-756JAMA

  • Beutner, E.H., Jordon, R.E, & Chorzelski, T.P. (1968) The Immunopathology of Pemphigus and Bullous Pemphigoid. J. Invest Dermatol, 51, pp. 63-80J. Invest Dermatol

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