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Shipping Specimens



FedEx is a prepaid service to you making this the preferred method for sending biopsies and serum. Please fill out the following fields: 

  1. From: 

    • Date

    • Name

    • Company

    • Phone

    • Address

  2. Your Internal Billing Reference:
    Beutner Labs

  3. To:
    (716) 838-0549
    Beutner Laboratories
    3580 Harlem Road
    Buffalo, NY 14215 

  4. Express Package Service: Check FedEx 2Day

  5. Packaging: Check FedEx Pak*

  6. Payment: 

    • Bill to: Check Third Party

    • FedEx Acct. No.: 
      Call (716) 838-0549 for our number

    • Total Package: 1

    • Total Weight: 1

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Beutner Labs FedEx US Airbill.



Use BL mailing sleeve for prepaid postage. Visit USPS.com for more information.



We do accept specimens from UPS, however we do not have a prepaid method. Call us for more information.